Profile of the company


Zhongtian Clothing Co.,Ltd. is located in Haifeng, which is Chinese famous clothing city. It is located in Yunling Industrial plant, Hongcheng Street, Fucheng City, Haifeng County, Shanwei, Guangdong. It has large-scale landscape style industrial plant and the building area of the workshop is more than 20000sqm. The company has been engaged in western-style clothes for more than thirty years. It is a new style clothing enterprise with modern characteristics and also a professional company integrated research, design, production and process as a whole, which sells all kinds of group order of occupational clothes such as men and women’s western-style clothes, western-style pants, working clothes, leisure suit, Korean suit, overcoat, vest, etc. It is a large-scale clothing enterprise taking undertaking OEM process on giving materials as main operation method and cooperates with many brand clothing companies at home and abroad. The company has gone through a tortuous journey, forged ahead with determination and expanded gradually and it has more than 500 employments and professional technicians. The company has always stuck to the operation ideal of “Take people first, undertake career with honesty, quality is the life and brand creates benefit”, owns strong strength and technical force, has rich experience of producing western-style clothes, employs craftsman to instruct periodically, pays attention to the traditional technology of pushing and baring in production of western-style clothes, designs delicate and European processing model, combines Eastern man’s personality, characteristic, the creation is unique and elegant and the style is fashion. In order to guarantee the quality of the products and follow the development trend of clothes in the international trade, the company has first-class production equipment and perfect supporting facilities, introduces advanced equipments of a full set of automatic production line for western-style suite including American Gerber spreader, special equipment of Italy, Germany and Japan, ET computer design and pattern-making system, pressing and shaping equipment. It has designers and pattern makers with many years’ experience. Adopt modernization management in the process from designing, pattern making to purchasing of raw material and accessories and production and has advanced aided designing, making and management of computer system. Think over every procedure and every production link in all-dimensional and every thread and needle displays the strict management system that “Zhongtian” people takes “Quality is the only life”. Let spirit, culture and connotation be displayed in every proud clothes.

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